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How to choose the right clothes

It’s the nature of girls to like "shopping"

Most girlfriends like to buy and buy~

I buy clothes when I'm not happy

I also shop when I'm not fighting

Because only "buy, buy, buy" can cure all diseases~

If you restrict yourself from spending money and shopping

"The concubines really can't do it"

but, many times

Is it very different from a good imagination?

Excited when placing an order

At the end, I didn’t even have the interest to take a look.

Can only press the bottom of the box but not willing to throw it away

At the same time I still don’t have the right clothes to wear

This kind of rushing is kind, there is no...

Na Ran Beijun will teach you some coups today

How to buy the right clothes easily and as you wish

1.Purchasing with purpose is simply your shopping needs.

Do you buy clothes online to match other clothes in your closet or to participate in an occasion? In many cases, we need to have a clear demand when we buy things, instead of just buying the ones we like! There are a lot of clothes in our closet, but we suffer from no suitable ones that can be linked and matched. This requires determining your own dressing style, thinking about what to buy, what material, the specific price, and so on. If it is to participate in a certain occasion or other needs, it is necessary to specifically consider relevant key factors, suitable for the scene and then selective purchase. Only when the purpose of shopping is clear, will there be a target, and will not buy indiscriminately.

2.You should know your size before buying

First of all, you have to measure your own size according to the standard, and then compare the size of the product you want to buy. It should be noted that there may be differences in the size of many merchants, or their manual measurement results in large errors. Here I will also give you a breakdown of the international standard clothing size measurement method.


3.Look at the buyer's show more.
The pictures taken by the buyer are more real. The picture collection of the seller's product may be very different from the physical picture you bought yourself, so place your order carefully and don't be confused by the seller's beautiful pictures.Of course, there are still some merchants whose products are very cost-effective, and their product pictures are no different from the actual products.
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